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The Shining Soul Life. Living From Your Radiance!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Navigating the road less traveled gives us a sense of individuality and healthy self- reliance. We are all leaders in our own right incorporating our innate resilience . It's not about being perfect, or depending on outward validation . It's about the challenges that strengthen and deepen our roots, and the relationships that cause us to see the beautiful truth of who we are. We stop blaming and start taking responsibility for our own happiness and joy and in this transformation we learn that peace starts within, it's not something anyone else can give us. We know ourselves and don't rely on the opinions of others. The mind plays tricks so we learn to be wise to our resistance, vulnerabilities, and make friends with our worst fears.

My journey has taken me on this solitary path. Leaving behind made up versions of who I

was, and conflicting personal interpretations that others created around me. I went out to find the truth, the authentic self. I've searched and began live through experience rather than theory. I've read the books, taken the workshops, sat at the feet of many teachers only to discover it doesn't mean anything if I don't have my own experience. It's about trying on a new perspective for size and walking a tedious mile in their theoretical shoes. There's a lesson and wisdom to be gained in every encounter. There's truth in the silver-lining theory. When we're open to learning, our Soul can find the gift in each situation. It may not happen immediately. The worst situations can take the longest to reveal their true nature. However I've walked this trail long enough to have seen heartbreaking events fertilize the seeds of miracles. I have been breathless more than few times and feel blessed to have witnessed many miraculous transformations.

This is the foundation of The Shining Soul life. Unhappiness is the catalyst for change. It's a blessing to finally surrender to the awareness that our Soul is crying out for fulfillment and joy! Now we can chart our course and begin living a life with more awareness of what we need, and why we're here. It has to hurt bad enough to want to move forward rather than stay stuck in old patterns.

Clearing the past cleans the channel for creativity, spontaneity, healthy risk taking, and originality. Each therapeutic approach I learned I used for myself first. Reiki gets the energy flowing. It's a passive technique that only requires you show up. It's wonderful for any illness, mental health issues, exhaustion and for the Empath who carries the emotions of others as it cleans the aura and lightens the burden. Tarot is full of wisdom and reveals the hidden nature of situations. It brings forward the truth, and helps us navigate through life's twists and turns. Transformative Mindfulness get us to ask the deeper questions and heals through compassionate inquiry. It connects our body, mind and soul like Reiki but it puts us in the drivers seat. It teaches that there is nothing outside of us. All we need to know rests in the sub-conscience mind. Kundalini Yoga has been the best form of self-care I've ever experienced. It teaches self-reliance, resilience, self- discipline, and is the best approach to human psychology I've encountered. Akashic Records helps us navigate and sees us from a place of pure love.They give meaning to the human experience and help us see the situation from a rational higher perspective. Mediumship nurtures the connection to Spirit. It heals the fear of death and allows us to communicate with those who have gone before us. It brings comfort to know our loved one are ok and waiting for us. All of these help us with clarity. They lift the fog allowing us to set clear goals, develop healthy routines, and contribute something meaningful to everyday life. We glow with the satisfaction of a job well done, and find purpose in the ordinary. Everything we do is infused with radiance and joy.

I am a true Mystic and love to nurture this in others. I'm not afraid to go into the darkness with you, as I have had my own dark night of the Soul. It's time to create a sense of adventure. If you found this page it's a clear sign to clean out what you no longer need, and let the Universe fill you with inspiration. Light the lamp on your true path, and feed your Soul. It's time to live from your radiance, the best part of yourself, and create your own Shining Soul Life!

I would love to hear from you. I am available for a free consultation and offer unique support to the awakened seeker. Be the best version of yourself, because you are an expression of the Divine that will never exist in this form again. You are pure inspiration!

Many Blessings,

Gina Milanese

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This is beautiful - INSPIRED


Gina Milanese
Gina Milanese

Thank you Sue! I look forward to writing more❤️


Heartfelt what you wrote. It’s true that only we can rely on finding our own inner joy. We, each in our own way, need to find what is the inner light that we wish to follow. Once we figure it out, life is just soooo much richer. Thank you for creating this site and look forward to reading future blogs.

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