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Metatron’s Cube. An Experience with Higher Learning.

Updated: May 26, 2020

I’ve had a fascination with the world of Spirit as long as I can remember. I loved listening to my parents talk about their paranormal experiences, life after death, and seeing Spirit as children. Some things were spooky and others were curious synchronicities. We called them answers to prayer and we seem to have a surprising amount of them. I remember being in my early 20’s discussing some of my experiences with other students in university and being genuinely perplexed that most people I met had never been touched by something they couldn’t see, or heard their name called out when they were alone. I started seeing myself differently. I felt rejected by some and in the early years my self esteem took a bit of a tumble. However this was my life and my normal. Items often went missing such as car keys and wallets. I would know I had to stop looking. When the time was right they would be returned to me. Sure enough I would find the thing right where I had left it. I would simply say thank you and know some how I was being looked after. I would find out later that appointments were running late, traffic was bad, or there had been an accident. From a young age I knew that everything was connected and we all had the ability to be part of that connection. If I fought it nothing worked out for me. Surrender became my natural demeanour. I was judged by some, labled a Type B personality, not in a good way, more like ‘you’re lazy’. I worked hard and was very passionate. I just knew my ego plans would be foiled so when the road blocks came in I knew I needed to be patient. It’s worked for me and I don’t live in a constant state of anger and frustration. I know when I need to take action and when I need to be still. This is one of the first lessons Spirit teaches those of us who are called to the higher learning of Spirit. We are asked to be more reliant on the unseen forces, supporting us in strengthening our trust muscles. It’s a spiritual workout for the mind to practice letting go without fear knowing the next step will be revealed.

This is exactly how I came to Sacred Geometry and the impact had a very profound effect. Martyn Kendrick, a long time teacher, artist and sculptor would say they were alive. When we create Sacred Geometry patterns they became portals to the other side, having their own personality and vibration. Each one has the power to unlock doors in the mind to heal, teach, and expand our awareness. I drew notebook full of Sacred Geometry images and healed many events in my past. In the physical, learning to draw these combination of shapes works both sides of the brain which prompts us to process traumatic events. This help us make meaning out of our experiences. From here we can express through words, tears, or creativity facilitating healthy self expression.

My deepest connection was with Metatron’s Cube.

This image was my very first attempt. As I was drawing this I felt a very strong presence with me. It was strong, calm and full of love. I felt more myself than I ever did before. It was a deep sense of home and belonging. I read everthing I could on the subject and became fascinated with the richness of the mystical teachings.

Archangel Metatron sits opposite to the Throne of God in Heaven. He has 72 wings and is full of eyes. He is the keeper of the Akashic Records and governs the number 9. His multitude of eyes helps us see our life from multiple perspectives. There is a solution for every problem, and a healing for every wound. I knew this Archangel has been with me for along time. His presence was so familiar.

The day this all landed in bones was the day I had signed up for one of my first intuitive workshops. I was new to the group and we we’re asked not to share any personal details. We had very short introductions then paired up to practice reading each other. Our first assignment was to see the other person’s Spirit Guide. My partner was confusion because all she was getting was a shape. The instructor asked her to draw it and when did both the Instructor and I gasped. It was Metatron’s Cube! I shared with her that I had been drawing a these for the past year. She told me that this was very profound for her because the presence of this angel was so strong in my aura. For me that was validation I needed to put my head down, let go of the thoughts and opinions of others and just follow Spirit without hesitation. We all have the ability to connect with powerful, wise, protective beings from the other side. They truly want us to be successful. They do work at getting our attention to let us know how precious we are and the importance of letting our light shine. When we clear the channel they can do powerful healing work through us.

Years later this winding path has lead me to working as a full time Spiritual Development Coach, Medium and an Akashic Records Reader and Coach. I have the blessing of meeting and working with people around the globe. We are awakening at light-speed and many need love and support to keep going through the tricky parts. I love my work, my family and all beautiful experiences that keep me on my spiritual path. I am thankful to all the amazing friends and teachers who helped me stay focused on this life of service. I wish all of you many blessings and to know you are loved and guided in the flow.

Stay connected to your stillness.

Gina Milanese

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